Baby Hub

Thinking of having a baby? Just had a baby? This is the place for you.

Hygge is all about family, and here at Hygge-house we specialise in helping you to become a family. Whether you are trying for a baby, pregnant, preparing for your birth, or a new parent, we are your one-stop choice for help, support, advice and consultation.

Problems that we can help with:

  • Conception (fear of pregnancy, stopping smoking, hypno-fertility, assisted conception)

  • Antenatal (fear of birth, birth preparation, hypnobirthing, anxiety, panic, depression)

  • Postnatal (breastfeeding support, cranial osteopathy, unsettled baby, postnatal depression and anxiety, birth trauma, baby bonding, baby massage)

We have qualified clinical psychologists, hypnotherapists, cranial osteopaths, hypnobirthing practitioners, lactation consultants and baby massage trainers who all specialise in supporting families through the transition of pregnancy, birth and beyond.